Our Mission

Jake DeMichele
Jake DeMichele
Founder, CEO, & President

Jake DeMichele holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Albany and is a clinical-track, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy graduate student at Touro University. In 2016, Jake moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to pursue professional sports betting, where he successfully exploited edges in the market over a 2 year period. At the same time, Jake worked for Medicaid as a Qualified Mental Health Aid. Working with the local homeless and high risk mentally ill communities, Jake observed a common theme. Almost every client struggled with financial literacy, education, and support, which only exacerbated an already difficult situation. In early 2017, Jake stopped professional sports betting, along with his Medicaid work, to pursue his graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and work in the financial lending space as a Commercial Loan Broker.

Jake quickly acclimated to the commercial lending industry, becoming an expert in credit analysis while showing the ability to strategize outside-the-box funding solutions. Within three months, Jake had successfully made connections with local banks, lenders, and brokering institutions setting up a portfolio of experts within his network.

The truth is, most traditional banks are risk-averse when it comes to business lending, often turning down otherwise credit or asset worthy customers because of vanilla company policies and government restrictions. But within the alternative lending space, Jake also noticed two fatal flaws. The first is a majority of lending/brokering institutions only offered solutions within a narrow scope of focus, leaving business owners frustrated and hopeless. Similar to the situation within traditional banks, this was a missed opportunity to bring in quality business and provide a valuable service to the business owner. The second fatal flaw was also impossible to ignore; the lack of transparency between brokers, lenders, and clients was astounding. Jake’s background in mental health and passion for helping others aligns deeply with his core values of maintaining the highest levels of integrity and transparency. The recurring lack of ethics and innovative lending options within the industry birthed the vision for JDM Capital Solutions.

JDM Capital Solutions wasn’t just going to be another financial solutions company in an already saturated arena. We were going to separate ourselves by offering the most comprehensive list of lending and financial services that currently exist, all under one roof. Through leveraging a vast network of expert lenders and partners, we guarantee we will find you the perfect lending or financial solution for your desired needs. This, along with top tier customer service, integrity, and transparency, will always be our mission. Whether you’re a partner, client, affiliate, or competitor, JDM Capital Solutions will always provide these core principles above all.