Merchant Cash Advance

JDM Capital Solutions can provide your business with some of the most competitive Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) factor rates the industry offers. Merchant Cash Advances are not loans, but rather an advance on your future monthly revenues, most typically your credit card processing sales. JDM Capital Solutions can secure MCA amounts from as low as 5K up to 500K in as little 24-72 hours.

This money is typically used for bridge funding for buying new inventory, payroll, taking on new contracts, project expansion, and more.

MCA Pros:

  • •   Limited paperwork for approval
  • •   Approvals and funding in as little as 24 hours
  • •   Approvals for business owners with poor personal credit
  • •   Money can be used for a wide range of purposes

MCA Cons:

  • •   Since MCA's are not a loan, but an advance on gross future credit card processing/deposit revenue, they use a factor rate instead of an interest rate; which are exempt from usury laws and therefore lenders are allowed to charge a much higher rate/fee on the advance
  • •   Amount of advance capped to gross monthly revenue or less
  • •   More expensive than traditional funding options
  • •   Most often daily, but sometimes weekly payments
  • •   Limited discounts for early advance payoff

JDM Capital Solutions is aware of the negative stigma surrounding MCAs and will only recommend them when they make sense for the business' health long term. Generally, JDM Capital Solutions provides MCA funding packaged with Personal Credit Restoration services to be used as a bridge funding option until the business owner qualifies for less expensive and more traditional financing options.

As always, JDM Capital Solutions promises to beat your current MCA factor rate for customers receiving these services elsewhere. Email your MCA contract/term sheet to and JDM Capital Solutions will save you at least 10% including fees.

For new inquiries about MCA funding, call us today at (702) 825-7972 or email to schedule a phone consultation.