Franchise Financing

Franchise financing includes all relevant costs to new construction, expansion, remodeling, refinancing, and new franchise acquisitions. JDM Capital Solutions offers some of the most competitive rates and terms for franchise financing customers.

Franchise Financing Pros:

  • •   Approvals with limited or no franchise owning history
  • •   Approvals traditionally within 2 weeks of receiving proforma (non-SBA)
  • •   Approvals up to 90% LTV with rates between 6-12%
  • •   Approvals with additional capital for bridge funding/working capital

Franchise Financing Cons:

  • •   All owners/partners need to present strong personal credit profiles
  • •   Often lots of documentation required for approvals

If you wish to Franchise Finance through the SBA please visit our SBA Loan Program page for more details. SBA Loans for Franchise financing can be advantageous in certain scenarios but generally take longer to approve and close.

JDM Capital Solutions promises to beat your current loan rate for customers receiving these services elsewhere or looking to refinance. Email your current franchise loan contract/term sheet to and JDM Capital Solutions will explore solutions to save your business money every month.

For new inquiries regarding Franchise Funding, call us today at (702) 825-7972 or email to schedule a phone consultation.