Equipment Financing & Leasing

JDM Capital Solutions offers unique and advanced equipment financing and leasing options for all industries and businesses whether big or small.

These options include but are not limited to:

  • •   Sale and Leaseback programs
  • •   Startup Programs
  • •   Government and Municipal Leasing
  • •   Construction Equipment
  • •   Commercial Trucks/Vehicles

Equipment Financing & Leasing amounts and terms will depend on:

  • •   The desired amount financed
  • •   Time in Business
  • •   Payback terms
  • •   Personal & Business Credit profiles

Equipment Financing & Leasing Pros:

  • •   Minimal upfront cost
  • •   Fast approval times
  • •   Preservation of existing capital & lines of credit
  • •   Fixed and low monthly payments
  • •   Eligible for certain tax advantages
  • •   Approvals for customers with poor credit profiles
  • •   Not stuck with expensive equipment you only need for a specific project/short amount of time

Equipment Financing & Leasing Cons:

  • •   Rates can be high for customers with poor credit profiles
  • •   Potential early payback penalties

JDM Capital Solutions promises to beat your current equipment financing and lease rates for customers receiving these services elsewhere. Email your current term/contract sheet to and JDM Capital Solutions will explore solutions to save your business money every month.

For new inquiries regarding Equipment Financing & Leasing, call us today at (702) 825-7972 or email to schedule a phone consultation.