Contract Financing

Contract financing is a unique lending solution that allows customers to extract liquid funds out of a current contract that is pending, closed or partially fulfilled. Contract financing generally works well with emerging technology, fin-tech, software development, entertainment, municipal contracts, and more. Contact us to see if your industry qualifies.

Contract Financing Pros:

  • •   Leverage growth and future deals with liquid instead of equity
  • •   Extract liquid funds for working capital/maintain cash flow
  • •   A much cheaper solution than offering equity

Contract Financing Cons:

  • •   Only specific industries will be approved
  • •   Approvals difficult for deals under $1,000,000
  • •   Extensive documentation/legal conglomeration required
  • •   Equipment or collateral within the contract needed for approval
  • •   Can be a lengthy application/approval process

For new inquiries regarding contract financing, call us today at (702) 825-7972 or email to schedule a phone consultation.