Asset-Based Business Lines of Credit

Asset-Based Business Lines of Credit are lines of credit that are secured by collateral in the form of residential real estate, commercial real estate, raw dirt/land, and more. This solution is an excellent option for clients who are in constant need of revolving funds, lack cash flow or have poor personal credit profiles. By using collateral, you can secure larger lines of credit at competitive industry rates so you have access to capital immediately. This solution can be used for almost any business that has collateral and is an especially attractive option for clients involved in residential and commercial real estate acquisitions and Fix-and-Flips.

Asset-Based Business Lines of Credit Pros:

  • •   Extract equity of our current assets to avoid tying up cash
  • •   Larger lines of credit available versus unsecured options
  • •   Industry competitive rates & may be cheaper than hard money for real estate clients
  • •   Only pay interest on the money you use versus a traditional term loan
  • •   Poor personal & business credit approvals

Asset-Based Business Lines of Credit Cons:

  • •   Must have enough equity in collateral to qualify
  • •   Heavy paperwork and longer approval process versus hard money

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