Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts receivable (AR) financing also known as Factoring, is financing based on outstanding invoices that are currently owed to a company. These invoices are generally in the form of net10, net15, net30, and net60, but not limited to outstanding insurance invoices within the medical and health care industry. If your company relies on payments through future invoices or receivables, AR/Factoring could be the right option for your business. JDM Capital Solutions will shop your inquiry through multiple direct lenders and partners who will be competing for your business and therefore leveraging the lowest rates available.

AR/Factoring Pros:

  • •   Approvals for businesses operating at a loss or in bankruptcy status
  • •   Approvals as fast as 24-72 hours
  • •   Usually cheaper than traditional business loans
  • •   Personal & Business credit is a non-factor/no personal guarantees
  • •   Limited industry restrictions
  • •   Discount advantages through early payment or bulk orders
  • •   Take advantage of current supplier discounts
  • •   Maintain business cash flow through slow seasons and stay head during busy seasons

AR/Factoring Cons:

  • •   Business/Entity filling invoices need to be creditworthy
  • •   Amount funded limited to invoice amount totals.
  • •   Only eligible for businesses that operate on net D accounts or insurance claims

JDM Capital Solutions promises to beat your current AR/Factoring rate for customers receiving these services elsewhere. Email your current AR/Factoring contract/term sheet to and JDM Capital Solutions will explore solutions to save your business money every month.

For new inquiries regarding AR/Factoring, call us today at (702) 825-7972 or email to schedule a phone consultation.